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Terms & Conditions

Service Apartment / Guest House – Rules

  • Check-in time: 2 PM; Check out: 12 PM (next day); Failure to check out by 12PM will result in an additional to for extension of stay. A charge for extension up to 4PM amounts to Rs 1,500 and after 4PM, the hotel will charge for an additional day.
  • 50% payment of stay is supposed to be done before check-in and pending balance should be cleared a day before check-out.
  • All guests and visitors have to compulsorily show their ID proofs
  • If the guest fails to appear by 6PM of the accommodation day, the fee for the room will be charged by guest house.
  • Number of people/flat: 2 adults + 1 child.
  • Person staying in hotel are not entitled to bring unauthorized guest (s) to stay with them.
  • The guest cannot hand over the room to a third person even if the period for which the guest paid has not expired.
  • Female visitors/guests are not allowed in the room with male guests and vice versa. Use the reception lobby to meet.
  • Guests are requested to switch off light, fan and AC and lock their rooms when they go out.
  • Parking: 1 car/bike
  • No smoking in the rooms. If any trace is found, You’ll be charged a fine of Rs 3,000/-
  • Alcoholic drinks in the guest house are strictly Prohibited.
  • No visitors are allowed in Premises after 9PM. Visitor Must check-in if he/she stays after 9PM
  • Visitors are instructed to Park their vehicles outside in designated area.
  • Any damages or loss to the property will be subject to a fine which would be paid by the guest/requisitioner.
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